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Modern Slavery Act

Slavery & human trafficking statement

This statement is made pursuant to Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, ‘Transparency in the Supply Chains’. The statement will be reviewed and updated annually. Each statement will be approved by the Board of Directors.

This statement relates to our financial year 2016/17; year ending 28 February 2017.

Our supply chain entails the purchasing of goods for sale to our consumer, and goods and services that support the operation of our stores, offices and warehouse units. Referring specifically to products purchased for resale, there are numerous levels of suppliers and manufacturers throughout the production and purchase process. Loyalti Limited takes an active role in policing compliance in this area.

Last year the business identified a number of risk indicators to the Business and detailed how it would address those areas for concern. The approach included:

  • Establishing the ‘Supplier Code of Conduct’ for our goods and service suppliers which all existing and new suppliers are required to sign and adhere to. Copies of which are stored at Head Office.
  • Establishing an Ethical Sourcing Policy which details the above mentioned Code of Conduct. This Policy details our commitment as a Business and our expectations of the suppliers that we work with.
  • Guidance and training provided to all relevant personnel with regard to identifying potential risks during supplier visits and appropriate escalation processes.

This year, following on from the above, Loyalti Limited are working to improve the transparency lower down the supply chain and with support of a new Supplier Manual will aim to ensure that any manufacturers who sub contract work on behalf of the Business also comply with our Code of Conduct and Ethical Sourcing Policies. The Business aims to conduct due diligence visits attended by both internal employees and external auditors to determine the compliance of suppliers and manufacturers.

To date, Loyalti Limited has not been informed of any incidents of slavery or human trafficking however will investigate thoroughly and take the appropriate action as per our supplier terms of contract. In conclusion, Loyalti Limited is committed to continually assessing slavery and human trafficking via internal and external auditing, both in the workplace, and externally through our supply chain and in all cases will address any incidents identified.